Will the Nintendo Switch Fail or Succeed? (Subtitles added)

what's up everyone it's AndresRestart and the question for today is will the NIntendo Switch succeed or fail well after watching the NIntendo Switch presentation, after watching the treehouse footage, after receiving all the information on we possibly could about the NIntendo Switch, after getting my pre-order early friday morning at gamestop for the NIntendo Switch and the special edition edition for legend of Zelda breath of the wild how do I feel about the systems chances its up in the air to be honest I think on nintendo's first-party lineup for this year is looking very promising I mean day one March third we're getting legend of zelda breast of a wild with is already looking to be the definitive version on the NIntendo Switch we re seeing some comparisons already in something like the game is going to be running and looking better on the switch apparently the lighting and shadowgin is a little better it has higher resolution textures and it's running a higher-resolution at 900P when Docked at home so that thing that was looking very promising for Zelda and then eventually we're going to be getting Mario Kart 8 deluxe which is looking to be the definitive version,which is very promising we're going to be getting this new IP from NIntendo which is going be called "ARMS" which im really excited about its going to be taking advantage of the joy con controllers which have advanced motion controls and HD rumble, which is really interesting to me.

I really need to get hands on it for myself to really you know see what its all about; but apparently it's kind of like a whole other world of feeling it really is a big difference from standard Rumble such as vibrations you really can tell the textures of things and get a better sense of the world around you when playing these games.

So it's really promising interesting and I like this new IP from NIntendo called arms I can't wait to try it out and then not too long after that we are going to be getting Splatoon 2 which is looking to be an actual sequel which is extremely exciting and then some at some point we apparently are getting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a true sequel to the original Xenoblade chronicles for the Wii.

Which has been heralded by many to be the best Japanese RPG we've gotten in probably the 21st century and I kid you not that is not hyperbole Xenoblade chronicles is an amazing game, Xenoblade Chronicles X was a great game but Xenoblade chronicles is masterful and if you haven't played I suggest you do and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming for the Nintendo Switch this year is incredibly exciting and i did not expect that.

I don't think many people did and the fact that its slated for this year is just amazing but not only that guy's we're getting super mario odyssey for the holiday season for the Nintendo Switch a new 3d open-world sandbox mario game and it's looking to be really promising the world looks super exotic the graphics look fantastic it's really colorful and beautiful this is definitely a clear step up from 3d World it looks like Mario movements are really fluid it looks likethe platforming is going to be a lot more fun than it was in 3d world.

not that 3d world was bad, but this is looking to be even better and still seems like it's gonna be taking out some elements from the galaxy games and looking like to be definitive Super Mario game we've gotten and it just looks amazing guys I'm super excited for this.

and we are only 2 weeks into January.

We are only 2 weeks into January and these are all all the Nintendo games we've heard about we still havens gotten to E3 we still havent heard from pokemon who always make their announcements separate from Nintendo so the Nintendo Switch lineup could be frickin amazing once you know everything is all said and done I mean what we've seen so far is already pretty freaking amazing of the ask me there are three or four games here that are going to be doing a whole bunch of award that different game shows for being the best of their categories and it's i'm i'm extremely excited for the lineup but what I am concerned about is that during the presentation there wasn't there were some dry moments.

yeah I was almost in tears by the end of it because the legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

That final trailer blew me away but there are a lot of really dry moments throughout the presentation because those are the moments that were you know dedicated to either A) 1-2 switch or B) third-party support and both of them time to see the little lackluster.

So let's talk about third-party approach support first there wasn't really much to be said there's something came up and they just talk and they talk and they didn't really you know there's nothing tangible there are no i didn't really see any big triple a third party games and that doesn't see that's not promising all we did get confirmation of Skyrim however we don't know what version it is though it does look to be of the remastered build a lot of people are saying it isn't but that they're just talking out of their ass it does look at it would be of the remastered build but it could be a lesser version of it I don't know we really don't know what exactly it is and that is concerning and on top of that its slated fall 2017 it's not really set up for success so if this turns out to be Bethesda's last game for Nintendo Switch i'm not going to be surprised that it's not any doesn't sound exciting but that you know that is that is the vibes I am getting so far.

That does not seem good.

what is promising is that there are a lot of really good indie games that seems to be setup for the system.

There does look to be a lot Japanese developers that are going to support the Nintendo Switch, which is also good news.

And it looks like we're gonna be getting some sports games as well.

And other lesser known games that are still good like you know Dragonball Xenoverse 2 thats is looking pretty fun.

I am finally gonna be able to NBA 2k games On my Nintendo System again it definitely still looking like a much better situation than the WiiU, but it's not looking like a good situation like on PS4 the big difference is that Nintendo has a lot of their own good games coming a lot more than on Wii U that is very promising and hopefully the system sells really well, because if it does then the third party support will come we will start getting a lot of the AAA third party games on XboxOne and PS4 but so far we are not getting it and its definitely concerning.

So now let's talk 1-2 Switch its this minigame compilation that basically shows off the functionality of the motion controllers and basically everything can do with Nintendo switch it's basically the Wii sports for the Nintendo land of this generation for the Nintendo the switch but the big problem here is that unlike Wii Sports which was packed in with the wii and unlike Nintendo Land which is packed with the Wii U.

1-2 Switch is not packed in with the Nintendo Switch and that is concerning.

The system is selling for 300 dollars, which if you adjust for inflation is basically the same price when the Wii launched back in 2006 that's not a big deal and it's looking very good value proposition overall but it's still not coming with a pack-in game and the last few generations people have become accustomed to that.

Its not good and to be honest I don't feel like spending fifty fifty dollars or 60 dollars on 1-2 Switch.

It looks like a fun minigame compilation but I'm probably more only willing to spend twenty or thirty dollars on it.

Not the same amount as a full priced game but maybe you know once we get closer to launch we see more content from the game and i'll change my mind but up to this point I'm not sold.

So its not good news.

Because day one the only two things that are worthy of note so far are 1-2 Switch and of course the Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild and that's not fantastic but let's take a step back and consider some things here.

Typically when systems come out they come out during the holiday season and when they come out during the holiday season they need to sell as much as possible and a whole bunch of people are going to buy them.

That is the time to sell.

The holiday season.

that is when everyone is buying games for their kids, for their uncles, for everyone.

its you know that's when its happening.

So when that's happening the system needs to get as much games out as possible.

So typically launch line ups are really large when a system is coming out during a holiday season but the system.

This Nintendo Switch is coming out for March.

March 3rd.

you know it's quite a ways off from the holiday season so it doesn't need to have that many games and it doesn't really need to have a pack-in game to make people feel like it's worth their purchase especially when all pre-orders are already sold out and everyone is buying it to play the Legend of Zelda Breath of the WIld.

So by the time there is already going to be a pretty good amount of games for the system.

Like Mario Kart 8, ARMS, and Splatoon 2 So I am not supper concerned that 1-2 Switch is packed with the system.

still though I do think it's overpriced and I do think that the accessories that we're seeing for the Nintendo Switch are also an overpriced we're seeing $80 Joy-Cons we're seeing seventy dollar pro controller we're seeing a $90 additional dock and all these things do seem to be pretty expensive now I do think the dock and definitely overpriced there isn't much in there it's basically just like fanning system and an hdmi out and like my little power system setup for the switch, there is not much tech in there.

yet they are selling if for 90$ dollars.

It seems kinda ridiculous to me.

That said, you don't really need it.

As far as a pro controller d the Joy-Cons I do think that the tech that is in their does w warrant the price but still people are not going to want to spend that much money for additional controllers so its still bad.

Like if they drop the price for both of them by ten dollars i think that would make a difference.

For sure.

Now even a pro controller I mean it's something more advanced than what we are seeing with the ps4 and xbox one controllers.

Because it also comes with gyro controls and HD Rumble so those technologies are bumping up the price I don't know, its kinda hard to say but I guess you know Nintendo is taking advantage of people who are buying the system at launch So everyone can spend the extra money and i hope that come you know holidays 2017 all these prices start to go down little bit that's what I hope because if they don't the system is not going to sell really well it's just not they need to have you know value propositions.

At this point it's okay because everyone's excited about Zelda and everyone needs to buy the system.

But once things you know progress a little bit they're going to have to lower the price to compete with a competition especially when it doesn't look like they're going to be getting third-party support so they need to do that now do I think the system is going to be successful? well it's launching with one the greatest games ever probably in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Its looking to have some really good things to come out all throughout the year but there's no third-party support and the accessories seem pretty expensive and there's no pack-in game and on top of that a lot of people already have a playstation or an xbox.

Soo is the system going to do well? At this point I have to say its up in the air the one thing that I can say it's very promising for the system is that it's definitely going to do better than the Wii U is the fact that its portable.

And the fact that its portable really opens itself up in the Japanese market because for the culture over there for the way things are set up over there they really they really really appreciate the mobility, thats one of the reasons why Nintendo's handheld systems do so well over there.

It kind of caters more to their lifestyles so I think the Nintendo Switch has a great opportunity to do well in Japan.

And I think that's going to really help bolster sales in the beginning and hopefully that coupled with the hype for Zelda and Super Mario and a consistent amount of quality content like this Splatoon and mario kart and and Xenoblade.

If the system does well in 2017 and if it does, if it does really well.

then maybe you'll start to get some third party support and hopefully that'll be enough to help the system perform well but Nintendo needs to manage those prices.

They do need to start lowering the prices for the accessories as time goes on and they're probably going to need some bundles come holiday season because the ps4 and Xbox are already pretty low in price there are pretty affordable they already have a lot of games so it has some serious competition but you know it's not over yet for the Nintendo Switch.

Its not dead on arrival like the Wii U was and getting a lot of promising games and its a reallyinteresting system and I'm really excited about it so guys let's stay tuned.

Its going to be quite an adventure with an intense with it's just getting started I can't wait to enjoy these next few years with the Nintendo Switch and you guys so thanks for watching everyone i hope you enjoyed the video please give me a like if you did and you want to see more content from me AndresRestart please subscribe see you later everyone!.