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The Nintendo Switch event just ended yesterdayand we got more than a few new details about the console.

I’m Jake from Give It Thought and let’stake a look at the top 5 things to come out of that event that was, well, let’s be honest,it was a little awkward at times.

At number five is the release date and theprice.

These two are combined because they are similarenough in their relatedness.

And this isn’t the only entry that is combinedso just know that going forward.

The price of the Switch had been rumored tobe anywhere from 250 dollars to 300 and it looks like it settled at the far end at 300US dollars.

I think that is a reasonable price, althoughanyone would be happy if it was lower.

This was the exact price I expected it tobe and I already prepared for it.

The release date, which is March the 3rd inall territories from what I can tell, was a bit earlier than I thought.

We knew from the reveal trailer that it wasset for release sometime in March, so no prediction could be that far off.

But, I think most people had it pegged formid-March instead of so early in the month.

The way I see it, the earlier the better.

Plus, the new Zelda was announced as a launchtitle, which I’ll talk about later.

At number 4 we have the battery life.

By battery life, I mean the amount of timeyou can play the system away from the Nintendo Switch dock.

We were given an estimated two and a halfhours for some of the heavier games all the way up to 6 hours for some lighter games,likely some of the virtual console games that will make their way to the system.

This was a huge worry of mine and most ofthe people I talk to and it’s nice to see that the system will have a decent batterytime.

That is about right in there with the 3DSXL, and that handheld has excellent battery time in my eyes.

I would guess that games like Skyrim, whichwas confirmed, would suck the juice, but smaller ones would be feasible to play for long sessions.

It seems perfect for long car rides or waitingfor an appointment, although I would feel pretty strange playing that Arms game in awaiting room.

Coming in at the mid-point of this list atnumber three is both the Joy-con grip and strap and the new HD rumble feature.

I combined the two because it shows the technologybehind these detachable mini-controllers.

The first thing I want to talk about is theattachable Joy-con grip.

This accessory, if you want to call it that,sort of makes the Joy-cons into little Wii remotes that allow you to play motion controlledgames on the system.

I mentioned the Arms game a second ago andthat was the game that was particularly highlighted to work with the detached Joy-cons.

The grip gives the Joy-con more of a roundedshape and, as far as looks go, it makes them much more attractive as a controller.

Before, it really did look like a deconstructedpiece of hardware.

As far as the HD rumble goes, we didn’tget much more than that ice cubes in a glass presentation.

Until the public gets their hands on thisone, we can’t really speculate on it too much.

What I will say is, it looks like a featurethat will work well with many games.

I don’t know how many third-party gameswill use this feature, but if a game like Zelda: Breath of the Wild uses it the rightway, sort of like Skyward Sword used the motion controls better than any other game, it couldreally add to the immersion.

Say, if you’re fighting an enemy and basedon where it hits your shield, you’ll feel the rumble in that place.

Just seems like a great way to increase immersionin a way that other systems cannot do.

At number two is the collective games announcedfor the system.

And there was a surprising amount of them.

I will say, we didn’t get a release datefor most of them, but just knowing they’re coming is a calming gesture for people likeme who have been doubting the third-party support for the Switch.

We got a few looks at some first party games,including Splatoon 2, the aforementioned Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Arms, a quick peekat another Fire Emblem, and 1-2 Switch, which looks like will be the Wii Sports for thisconsole.

There was also another Xenoblade game announced,which got the 2 numbering, so it looks like it will be a follow-up to the original XenobladeChronicles, especially since we saw an upgraded monado at the end of the trailer.

Arms looked pretty fun, especially if themotion controls work well.

The design reminded me of a smother lookingmodern Street Fighter game, except in the third person.

And, it’s first party Nintendo, so at leastwe know it will be a stable game.

We got to see Todd Howard in a video presentation,where he confirmed Skyrim on the Switch.

All in all, it looks like a pretty well stockedpremier library for the Switch.

Hopefully it will avoid that early droughtin games that the 3DS went through after its release.

And there is one more game that most peopleare probably noticing that is absent from the games I’m talking about, which bringsus to number one.

And at number one, the most exciting thingto come out of yesterday’s Nintendo Switch event was Super Mario Odyssey.

Where do I start with this one? Zelda: Breath of the Wild arguably stole theshow at the end of the presentation, but for me, 3D Mario games always top everything whenit comes to Nintendo.

Our first look at the upcoming platformeris a little bit jarring, actually.

We see Mario, the fictional character, lookslike he is running around in the real-world.

I know my first thoughts when I saw this wasa very solemn: “Oh no.

” But, as the trailer goes on, we get to seeother locales, including that desert town we saw a snipper of in the reveal trailer,some kind of food themed world, and then the most attractive looking environment I’veever seen in a Mario game that looks to be composed of mainly forests.

And then, we got a look at Bowser in a fancywhite suit, where he throws his hat, which is a precursor to Mario’s own new abilityof doing the same thing: throwing his hat.

It looks like it will be a traversal toolas well as a way of defeating enemies.

We see Mario cheat on Yoshi with a Sphinxright before we see a bunch of rabbit enemies.

It looks like this game will feature a fewreferences to Alice in Wonderland and have Mario traversing dimensions or something.

There is a lot of hat imagery with that shipMario flies as well at the new hat abilities, which likely line up with the mad-hatter.

Just the look of this game has me excited.

So what did you see in that presentation thatI skipped over? Be sure to tell me down below because thisis about where I’m going to wrap this list up.

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