NINTENDO SWITCH! OFFERING KINGDOM BITS Hi my dear, how are you? I'm roberto And finally, finally !! FINALLY!! We now have the right information From the nintendo switch itself That we were waiting, and very.

Anyway, people, what happens In relation to everything that was presented I actually decided to do two parts of the video In relation to everything that has of novelty pro switch And I'll talk in this video here, from the console But if you want to know everything about games All that have been posted and confirmed What's going to launch with the console, what's going to launch this year, what's going to launch soon The link is there in the description, ok So there you have all the videos about all t Let's go to the details of the console First I want to talk about the island and the physical part of it Then I'll talk about the control Because the control has to pay special attention Come on, the switch will come out on March 3rd Well ahead of what we were predicting A lot of people had said that I was going to leave there for March 17 THAT IS JUST A DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY NOW THE PEOPLE ALREADY KNOW THAT HE WILL LEAVE SOME WEEKS BEFORE In early March, that's good, it's still my birthday month There we will see how it will be in relation to the pre-sale I want to know how it will get here in Brazil.

But that's it, it's just out there, the whole world, except Brazil Because it seems that Brazil is not part of the world Another thing, price, it will cost $ 300 Same price you saw in the basic versions of Wii U It is a reasonable price for a console of this new generation That will start with the switch Not many online details have been spoken, but it is possible that it is paid And have some free services.

But we do not know correctly how it will be They talk reasonably well about it It has a very good battery, which is 3 to 6 hours Just for you to have a notion, playing a game at the most and such It can really last quite a bit If it repairs, its useful battery is similar to that of the new 3DS Cables to charge withoutUSB TYPE-C Which is a loader that logically will load it a bit faster And will have local multiplayer for EIGHT SWITCH'S Location, this does not mean ONLINE I'm talking red rock style, 3DS style Networked PSP This is very good, to play with the guys In addition to information as a separate source, the dock itself Now let's know about control.

The control had a great prominence in the presentation, precisely why According to nintendo controllers in the presentation It takes a little bit of every generation of consoles it has ever worked on Because I'm talking like that, because the control has three ways to play The main mode which is the TV Where you put the device in the dock and play Has another way in which you place your switch on a base and play with detachable controls In multiplayer But the screen still remains on the switch itself And has the third mode which is the portable mode Hence the main control will be the joy-with Which are the outstanding controls.

It will have gray versions but it will also have color from it I want the version BLUE Of the details, before I speak of their details separated, let's talk about them together He'll have the buttons we're already used to.

The two triggers, the (A) (B) (X) (Y) That make the basic commands from the super nintendo The directional and two analogs Which also has R3 and those very common details Will still have the share button, which is in which, you, share the screen Will still have the share button, which is in which, you, share the screen But it showed potential graphics and hardwere enough to do this So let's wait, that's it.

The controls they stand out, thus getting similar to the Wii MOTE Only with its much more evolved technology Say so, you will have a Rumble HD, which will have exclusive games for this concepts Everything else, right motion sensor.

It will also have other triggers He will also have extra shoulder pads for you to play in multiplayer Because it also flips with a handle for each control To make a local multiplayer between two people In a way very similar to what the rumors said Turned aside But in this case, a JOY-CON turns into two Also, this is with JOY-CON control, it already has several ways of using We will have another control that is PRO-CONTROLLER It is not very different from this control here, which we already saw on Wii U THE SWITCH PRO CONTROLLER It will make good use of this kind of control For games made that do not use motion sensors, pressure, NOTHING It's just for simpler commands Which is the lot of games! Guys, I tried to summarize the maximum here, all SWITCH information He brought a lot of expectation, for me it went much beyond Because it will support enough graphics similar to what we see in the 4PRO PS4 PRO In addition to being able to support UNREAL ENGINE That's when I'll leave more details to leave in the confirmed games Here's a list, I'm talking directly Nor appears in the video It's a lot of game! IT'S A LOT OF GAME IS COMING TO THE CONSOLE THE CONFIRMED GAMES ARE HERE IN THE DESCRIPTION FOR YOU TO WATCH, OK THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR WATCHING THIS VIDEO IT WAS EVEN! DO NOT FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR LIKE AND IF YOU SUBSCRIBE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE CHANNEL AND SHARE THIS VIDEO TO MORE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW SWITCH INFORMATION THANK YOU, I WENT AND WERE.