Sydney Language Festival 2016 | Lingva Festivalo de Sidnejo #Esperanto

Hello all I'm Evildea.

Your God.

And today it's very bright Today's the day after the Esperanto house where I met Trevor I'm now heading to the Language Festival and I just had an interview this morningwith Movada Vidpunkto So, I got up REALLY early and I did that and now I'm headingto the Language Festival and I'm just really tired So, I've just arrived at Central station but today I had to catch a bus, unfortunately as the trains aren't working they're repairing the tracks at the moment So, I now need to stroll about thirty minutes to reach the place where the festival kicks off I guess.

What's happening here? That seems really important So, I've just arrived at theKorean Cultural Center in fact, this location is so cool We need this in the Esperanto community Unfortunately, we don't havea country to finance it Hello Dmitry Hello So, the event will soon start We're just waiting for Dmitryto crazily prepare everything Not crazily! Hello little monster – How are you?- Hello Good She's not a very interesting person I hope there will be non-Esperantospeakers aswell How are you? I'm pretty good.

Thanks And you? I'm good Good, he's just started studying Esperanto In fact, he's studying nine languages nine? nine He's studying nine languagesat the same time He's crazy So, I'm heading to somelessons about languages I'm going to this class as it's about a created languagecalled Vela, I believe I'm here with my new friend He's an Esperanto speaker I randomly bumped into him Do you want to present yourself? Hello, my name is Bimo I'm called Ariobimo Utomo but you can.

How do you say "to call"? like you can "call" me You can call me Bimo I now live in Sydney I'm a student at the University of Sydney Great! and when didyou start learning Esperanto? I like to learn languages so I started with Esperanto because I thoughtEsperanto was a wonderful and easy language.

Great, do you use Duolingo? Yes I use Duolingo, Lernu.

Net andI have a friend in Indonesia with which I learn Have you heard about "Ilia" in Indonesia? She looks after the IndonesianEsperanto community Ilia? Yes Ilia I know her Great, because.

I'm in the same group as her Awesome.


So, thanks for that So, we're no in the middle ofthe Language Festival and I just went to the a talk thatwas called (in English) Israeli and then I went to anotherimmediately after that and it was called (in English) Hebrew and there was an interesting politicaldebate because it seems that there's a debate in the.

I'm now speaking Esperanto so I need to use theEsperanto names.

there's a debate inthe Hebrew community about whether Modern Hebrew isthe same as old Hebrew or Ancient Hebrew and whether they need to change the name and the two talks.

speakers,which spoke one after the other Sorry it's really loud here I could see that they wantedto sharply and hotly discuss the topic and I sat there in the classand I could see that they have entirely differentopinions about this and it was extremely interesting I didn't film it unfortunatelybecause I didn't.

I just didn't have my camerain that moment So, you're from Ukraine right? Yes >From which part? >From eastern Ukraine Do you know the "Belt sea"?The city [name]? In that part of the countrywhere there's now war Okay good.


well not good but.

forgive me.

but luckily it's far.

not in my city however, it's a real shame Unfortunate.

Now I don't know what to say becausethat's a terrible thing but are there otherEsperanto speakers there? Certainly How many? Are there many.

few? Several.

earlier the Esperanto communitywas more active in my city but now it isn't active however in Ukrainethere's an active association and soon we will havethe yearly Esperanto congress I read something about thatin Sezonoj.

Ru, the website In fact, have you presented your name? Certainly [Long Ukrainian name] How do I write that? Do you have an Esperanto name? Ask me and I can write it for you.

That would be better Okay good good.

because I need to subtitle thisfilm and I don't know how to say that at all.

So, thanks for that.

My viewers like to meet new people So, we'll quickly cover the Klingon alphabet now So the first line is how to use the Romanization it's what people usually use The middle line is if you know IPA Like you're a linguist That's what the sounds are The bottom line is the plqaD alphabet which it's kind of what Klingon lookslike when you see it in the series but there's actually several differentmappings that people have come up with So this is the official one but people don't use it muchexcept for calligraphy So, were now at the end of the festival and we just need to pack everything away and I need to help Dmitry So, I'll do that now Subtitles by the Amara.

Org community.