Super Mario Run: World 2-3 Black Coins

Walkthrough to the black coins of world 2-3of Super Mario Run.

I suggest you to use Toad in this level he makes easier to reach the last coin The first coin is really easy,in case of error it is possible to retry.

With Toad is easy to "fall" on the P blockand gather the blue coins.

Jumping on the Swoopers you reach the second coin.

Catching the star is useful in the next segment.

A short wall jump brings you to the third coin.

Reaching the corner is easy,considering that in case of error you can jump back and retry.

Then, why not, let's gather some extra coins.

Now things get more challenging.

Jumping in sequence on all five Swoopersis not so easy but Toad in this case simplifies your life.

Collect the last coins and complete the level.

Now the flying fortress is waiting for you.