what is going on guys elzoid here again and today we are playing super mario run again and in this episode we're going to be doing is I'm gonna be playing through world number 2 i'm gonna be showing you every level or my little tips and tricks exactly how you need to do it if you want to complete these levels i'm sure a lot of you have already done this or maybe if you're thinking about getting the game this is how you complete will to will to number one ghost or deception ok that's good to go alright so the little pool is she okay so we've got one two three four or five six different levels here i can see there's a little pink one right at the top there but we're on a poor so we need to decide what to do first thing to do i would say is we're going to try and get this box here because I presume yeah that's gonna have Matt jump up there and get that ok so when you go through one side you come out the other and drop down there yet gives you a few more coins jump up to get that lovely jump over these doors I don't want to go in the door particularly that's a good thing with this level here is that you can keep going i know i don't wanna go through the door but they are all I take it down to the bottom that's ok ok i don't want to get hit by this ghost ok keep going up here it shouldn't take me ya got the pink line lovely that's all good i'll take me down to the bottom ok further up the top I think I go through this door here so i can take you to the next level yeah okay next part that ok so where we going here so we want to go along and jump on this page here I think ok nice that we go oh man I did not want to do that that is very frustrating uh-huh okay with landing on that I know you got that come on let's concentrate here we're gonna get the pink one here that's appeared nice nice about the pink one i'm pretty happy to progress now really because they're 10 for a drop-down since I continue to the next level yeah that's fine i got the pink ones there is to somehow know i'm right the bottom of the flag how a shame nice but there we complete the level pretty straightforward really just going to hang those little doors and haven't seen those yet in this game so we're going through them it's ok it's ok so let's move on to two of two sky-high lifts and leaps ok excuse to go onto the platform up and jump on him and the paws on to the other platform up in the air over that onto the platform jump over him no one here jump on the back of the pink always get those two now we got there the last one here got the other pink really going to take a ram ok we're going to this writing on the pause on that platform on that platform ok we're on the way to go back to the time why do you always do that so and I'm okay are you need to get you to land on that rocket to be able to jump it ok patients here is what is needed i'm going to rush this will just landed on him and on that lets go down to get this pink thank you very much but it kind of my goals and added the Petersons just jump over it for whatever reason patience patience on the platforms let's get going this side this is ok i know i've completely missed everything no i don't know i'm just missing everything here is going way too fast ok nice got right to the top of the flag not too bad we missed two Pink's in that one and but pretty it's okay we're starting to get used to some of the the different features in the game now at the doors on the last one where you've got to figure out to you know go in and out of the doors and and on this one just those platforms really you know is a lot pauses in this and then on the platforms at first I thought I kept running when I was going on the platforms but you remember you don't when you go on the platform you stop and you just walked into the middle so that's all good ok so we'll to level three I what I was going to get out and we'll get that pink there i wanna get the Pink's want to go to Paris ok with some bitcoins nice we're heading up that was pure fact pretty much a perfect start to go to that yep okay to come out no I don't get this get that lovely got it nice going to jump off the water to get out of the paint what I jumped on top of him tonight what I was rub it can't get up there what you gonna be bigger to get up there so when I go to for these kinds there's so many kinds there if you got on the right side of that no oh my god ok so you're gonna appear with this can't get there maybe I've got to be like one size bigger gonna have an actual life don't see how I can get up there I don't think that's possible just go to leave and go ask the shame i missed two of the Pink's there i think this is keep going up there i got five okay not too bad i'm sure you probably see that whether the two pics where but that's a nice clean level pretty pretty quick pretty straightforward and now we're moving into the last 11 i get in there was my told 247 3 of the Pink's not too bad ok let's move into the boss level now this year we get on here ok this is quite intense is a lot going on here nice about the other pink come on jump on top of them know another hike no that's so annoying ok this give another go yeah someone taught him like that lovely I'm gonna go and I'm Way too much everyone are going to talk myself stay off the site look no God always do that I can't get away from him he's too fast let me jump on one please now time is so important this game is bad this is back we're doing good here gotta bounce gotta get over these balls time it all the time so all the time we're going well oh my god i can't read them that that is very annoying i could double actually going into the boss here he is angry till what you said common thats have you come at me I just landed on internet nice going again nice going again three times last year we've done it three times you gotta land on the angry till to complete the boss that's really an iron that level was so annoying i kept bouncing straight into the cannibals all the time but we got there only got two pigs it's definitely doable to get all the kinks in that one it's not impossible at all it's quite i think quite simple but I was just concentrating on completing that level again through it and then we be the boss at the end goal and three times gets faster and faster every time that you landed him but there we are 10 really tickets for completing world to thank you very much for watching this video if you do like it please remember to leave a like down below and I'll see you for will three.