SUPER MARIO RUN: Can I Beat the Apple Store High Score?!

– Alright, we're here in the Apple Store.

I'm about to try to beat therecord for Super Mario Run.

Actually I'm about to find outwhat the record is right now.

– [Man] It's 246 my man.

– 246, 246, and honestly Idon't even know what that means.

246 what? But I'm going to take a look.

I have it right here on an iPad Pro.

I don't know if that'san unfair advantage.

Alright, here it is, iPad Pro.

I don't know if this iscomfortable with an iPad Pro, but let's see if we can do it.

You're supposed to play iton an iPhone with one hand and I have to use this big iPad, so let's see if I cando it, 246, we'll see.

(video game music) Aw, man.

No, go back that way! Okay, here we go.

Alright, good.

I'm feeling a littlemore confident this time.


We're on our way to beating the record.

Uh, I'm not confident anymore.

No, no, no, we needed that! We needed that block.

We needed that block.

That was the invincibility star.

(groans) Yeah.

Okay, we're almost there.

We're almost going to beat these guys.

What'd he say the score was? – [Woman] 248, 268? – [Andru] 246, we're gonna do this! We're gonna, we're gonna do.

Alright, let's see what happens.

We're at 231, we're goingto get some extra points for clearing the course.

We're getting extra points.

What's up! There it is, 261 points,I just beat the record in the Apple Store right now.

I don't know if I win anything for this, but I'm going to ask somebody.

I'm going to ask the businessteam to come out here right now because we just did that.

Look at this Mario button.

They all have these Mario buttons.

Here's another one, a different button.

And then look over here.

– [Employee] I ain't got no button.

(groaning) – [Andru] Alright, look at thisguy, here we go, here we go There's the Mario.

– There's the Mario.

– [Andru] Alright, I foundsomeone else over here playing.

Trying to beat the score I came up with.

How are you doing over here? – [Player] Pretty good.

– [Andru] How many timeshave you played this? – [Player] Oh, I don'tknow, too many times.

– [Andru] Too many times? Wait, I didn't even knowthere was a star up there! – [Player] Yep.

(giggles) – [Andru] Okay, so I'm learningfrom you right now then.

There's a bubble, I didn'tknow about the bubble either.

What do you think about,are you going to buy this game on Thursday?- Yes, I am.

– [Andru] $9.


– Mm-Hmm.

– That's expensive for an app.

– [Player] It's worth it.

– It's not expensivefor a Mario game though.

That is way smaller.

It's way harder to seeon this little screen.

Make you feel like an old man.

Oh, no! I found out about the bubble,I didn't know about that.

Wow, how far back does he? Oh, wow, okay.

So if you miss something you can go back.


Wait, what? Wait, what the heck is happening? Alright, I played Super Mario Run on the gigantic iPad Pro,a 12.

9 inch iPad Pro, which is a handicap because it's so big.

I had to play it two-handed even though it's a one-handed game,but my score is 297.

So, I already forgot what thehigh score was previously.

I pretty much blew it outof the water with 297.

No one e-mailed them, no one came out, coordinated, gave me a BurgerKing crown or anything.

But yeah, that was fun.

Comes out Thursday, ninedollars and 99 cents.

(rock music).