Super Mario Run スーパーマリオラン やってみた! キッズ ゲーム実況 Gameplay Kid Video

Hello! Today I am going to play Super Mario Run.

Let's go! Begin with touching Mario on a screen.

Later? For Mario.

Why don't we have a party in my castle with everyone? I will wait for you with a baked cake.

From Peach.

You have gotten a letter from Princess Peach.

Okay! Wow! It's a monster.

It's Koopa.

Mario moves forward automatically.

What does it say? Nooo! Again!? Yeah! Yeah! Wow! What's that? That castle is about exploding! Warning! Princess Peach was kidnapped by Koopa.

Kinopios all ran away, and the castle is chaotic.

What should we do? You see? The castle is chaotic.

Hooray! Wow! I won! I've done it.

I've reached to the goal! Let's go to the next stage.

What's next? It seems scary.

The stage 1-2.


Mario climb up! Oh no! Mario is being through the pipe.

He died! He has died! He did again! He died again! Let's retry! Wow, he appeared from pipe.

Wow! He has been small.

I've gotten all coins! He is dead again.

Yeah! I completed this stage! Yeah! If you obtain all 5 pink coins in 1 play, you can put a new color coins wherever you want.

You have to get all 5 coins.

I'm ready! Okay! Let's do the next level.

Is the next one scary again? Koopa Paratroopa in Mushroom Valley.

Let's begin! Already!? Nooo! Again! I will try again! I should be careful there.

Nooo! Nooo! I fell.

You should keep tapping for a while.

I fell.

I will retry it! Wow! Cool! It was cool! Did you see it? It's a mushroom.

Yeah!! Again.

I shoulda jumped! Yeah! Nooo! Oh my god! I will try it again! Oh! Wow! Awesome! Ahahaha! It was funny earlier.

Wow, mushroom again! Wow! Graet! Ahhhh! It was scary to break the bubble.

Hey dad! Do you wanna play it? It is terrifying stage! Really it is! Hooray! OMG! You so good at it! Your play is amazing! It rolled! Like it backflipped! It rolled! Amazing!! You are so good! Wow! You have made it! Dad, you are so cool! I will try it again! Yeah! Yeah! Yes! There's 9 seconds left.

Yeah! Yeah! I won! I won! I have made the stage! I finish here today! The next time I will play from the castle.

Today I played Super Mario Run.

Here is the Making Section! Wow! It fell! Wow! I always mess it up! Again! Noo Noo! It fell! This is so difficult.

It's a mushroom! I died again.

Wow! Cool! Mario is great! Mario is great! Mario is great! Mario is great! Mario is great! Mario is dead! Wow! Wow! Nooo! Ahhh! He fell to the cloud.

He fell to the cloud.

Wow! Awesome! Great! Great! Great! Great! Mario is great! He has beaten all enemies! Wow! He fell to the cloud.

Wow! He is beaten again.

Wow! Nice! Great! Great! Great! Ahhhh! Wow! Great! Wow! Great! Great! Yeah! He is on the mushroom! Wow! Cool! Wow! Ahhh He died! I will play again! AH! YAHOOO! A coin fell.

Ahahaha! He is stopping.

AAAAHHHHH He is falling.

Yeah! Wow! He stopped! He fell.

Let's play again! Ahhh! He fell! Wow! Yeah! Yeah! Cool Mario! He rolled! Nooo! He dropped coins.

Wow! YAHOOO! Wow! Cool! Hmmm.

Yeah! Yes, sir! He is stopping.


AHHHHH! NOOOOO! He fell! I will retry it! He fell again.

Yeah! Wow! Yeah! Yeah! He surely falls.

Wow! Yeah! Yeah! Nooo! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! He fell.

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