[Sub Español] (Billy Gilman) ‘When We Were Young’ || The Voice 2016.

Everyone loves the things you do.

From the way you speak.

Even the way you move.

Everyone here is looking at you.

Because you feel like home.

Like a dream come true.

But if by chance you're here alone.

Can I have a moment before I go? Because I've been on my own all night.

Hoping that someone you used to know.

You look like a movie.

You sound like a song.

My God, this reminds me.

When we were young.

Let me photograph you in this light Should be the last time.

Maybe we can be just like we were.

Before we knew it.

We went back sad to grow old.

We became restless.

It was just like a movie.

It was just like in a song.

When we were young.