Romney Calls Trump a ‘Fraud’ and ‘Con Man’

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney did not mince words when it came to party frontrunner Donald Trump.

Speaking at the University of Utah on March 3 about the state of the 2016 presidential race, Romney called Trump a "fraud" who is "playing the American people for suckers.

" Romney didn't stop there.

He slammed Trump's "third grade theatrics," mocked some of the mogul's failed business ventures, and accused Trump of being a "con man and a fake" who would be a disastrous nominee for the Republican party.

In the 20 minute speech, Romney called on the party to reject Trump.

He went on to endorse all of the remaining GOP candidates still in the race–Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich–saying he supported anyone but Trump.

Trump's response to Romney's speech? He tweeted, "Why did Mitt Romney BEG me for my endorsement four years ago?".

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