PANDORA, I BlackPanther Film Festival (Entrevista Susana Bena)

Hello! Yes thanks.

I did not expect to have selected me as I am a novice director,.

I mean it's more difficult.

But, of course, that depends on how you have worked in content,.

And to be more expert than I directors.

At the end I was selected, I sincere I am very happy.

The fact that I BlackPanther Granada Film Festival has caught me.

To present short, clear that encourages me to do more.

But if it had not been selected, it does not mean they do not disappoint me and shorter.

Continue to make more movies, regardless of being selected or not.

Of course it repeats the same computer for other short! If you add more new people on the team, he would accept delighted.

The truth is that it did not intend to produce something in public,.

But I want society to see that a person with any kind of disability,.

For example, deaf, down syndrome, etc.

can create movies like everyone else.

You ask me give clues about a new short film,.

And my answer is that it will be a surprise.

When you are moving, and we will publish gradually.

I contesting with other short films in Granada not think of any awards, but in participation.

With that, it is enough.

If we touch a prize, of course it would be better,.

But if we were no, I will equally proud.

On 15 October day we go to the festival, How do I feel? Eager as it is my first time, although I have been to festivals as a spectator.

Now, as director, I really like to see how they worked.

Other / as directors / as, and discover my mistakes.

I would also like to receive constructive criticism of our short,.

Even meet new people and enjoy the festival.

Source: Youtube