Nintendo Switch: prezzo, giochi e data di uscita della console

or hello in a lecture it is just a few hours ago Nintendo has finally provided that we read around your new console whose output in the Italian territories is scheduled March 3 at a price of about 30 300 EUR without delay the technical specifications of the Kyoto club house she has preferred instead concentrated more on all those characteristics that make it unique and inimitable its gaming machine and help eliminate comforted recognizable brands nintendo difference twice it represents the sum of all the Nintendo console produced up to this time from nepal wii u via the Game Boy a hybrid between a home system that handset offers a new way of understanding the modern idem Experience the fungus completely short shearwaters can switch at any time from a fixed platform to a folder through the use of docking stations fact tweets can be connected neither to the TV by removing it from the support we will still have the opportunity to continue playing through a capacitive screen already do.

two crazy with multitouch screen Ecor all 1080p or 720p whose battery autonomy that seems right.

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30 hours according to different conditions of use the hybrid nature of his wife and enhanced further by the use of called joe cole small removable control that can be daughter only the screen all removed comet and independent of each other so try your hand from the fact that local multiplayer sessions each day with a full stopping power for buttons as well as the specific dedicated contact title to capture screenshots and a sense Girls which interact with the punctuality of amigos 'just by joe contending it pushes on the pedal of sharing big crazy place in local multiplayer up to 8 consoles simultaneously where each player can challenge a single joe com in this way the great nn seems determined to breathe new life into interaction between users without forgetting the concert I have never used frontiers of online from launch until looot 1 of 2017 is not by chance Nintendo will offer the opportunity free use of the console's network functions for you use a payment system the details of which have not yet been revealed the circus beyond 80 titles currently produits development anyway to incarnate once again the true face of nintendo difference we try super mario today the first chapter sandbox from the facts of Super Mario 64 Super Mario bundles at that boh.

Italian italic which beat the mushroom kingdom and a large right in the modern world Underground Switch back on stage with great pomp also monolith soft with you I love that comic 2 The goal of intimate Klamath roleplaying Cuscito on wii u at the time still provided with the official release date Finally, a new trailer at the end of the Nintendo conference is shown the legend of zelda freecom dual real first killer application to insults modeling The release is scheduled March 3 exactly at the launch of the console with an eye in perfect balance between past and future could twice prove to blame the market for Nintendo the focus concentrated on sharing that hybridisation between portability and systematically make it a versatile and varied platform that chases an ideology of Ghimenti quite different from that of direct competitors an interesting handful that the promise of a potentially magnificent as super mario changes Xenoblade Chronicles 2 So let us hope for the success of the PC nintendo seems to really come for change now.