Nintendo Switch Presentation unveiled upon our stupid little eyes.

hey guys it's me, Resputto.

Oh boy, Oh boy.

Nintendo really nailed it with that Nintendo Switch presentation.

W-what do I think of it? I mean.

it was- uh.

Oh- oh boy Ohhh.

Oh wow.

Oh, ok.

*Retarded Agony* Actually, I was really floored by the brand new Super Mario game that they revealed Seeing Mario run around NYC like a little piece of sh*t pasta that he is was absolutely beautiful.

Mario's back in Brooklyn baby Now Nintendo is really laying the extra gravy when it comes to the plot for this game.

It seems bowser is trying to take over the Mushroom Multiverse with this crazy-ass army of furries.

Now that's all i have to say for the stupid-ass Nintendo Switch Presentation.

Bye bye.

You're all faggots and you're all ghey.