Gentlemen, let's talk about Nintendo Switch We start from the release date, Nintendo switch will be released March 3, 2017, Nintendo has not officially announced a price for the European markets during the conference, amazon proposes it to € 329.


As had already been announced last October, switch will be a home console to a handheld The piece that takes the switch name is in fact a kind of tablet with touch display capacitive screen, a 6.

2-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×720, the resolution It increases when it is plugged into the dock for connecting to the TV, though not it is clear what the resolution in this case, for the moment we can assume a 1080p, it remains unclear what will be the native resolution of games, if the screen 720p if a laptop or 1080p, to make more on your TV.

Nintendo switch comes with two joy-with joy-with the right and left joycon, each It equipped with an analog stick and four main buttons, the classic ABX and Y for that right and four directional arrows to the left the two-With Joy can be coupled to Switch sides for grip on the handheld console, or inserted into the Joy-Con Grip, to go to form a kind of classic home console controller But it does not end here, this is undoubtedly the novelty that most pleases me, the two joy-with are also usable as two separate mini controller, in order to have immediately the ability to play multiplayer, of course you can use more than two joycon simultaneously, in fact the fighting game Arms requires the use of two joycon per player, going forward I have to speak again of the controller, it does not end here, have motion sensor, so you can also play with the motion control system, which was the main base of the Nintendo Wii, maybe put a little 'in the background but not with WiiU I can say for sure because I did not buy this console.

Furthermore, the joy-with the right has an NFC sensor helpful to read the data of amiibo, the joy-with the left has a small button to capture images and even video future.

The joy-with also have a camera that is able to recognize some muovimenti like a hand playing rock paper scissors, and even determine the distance between it and the objects in front of him, they also have a completely vibration system back to what we're used to, thanks to the very detailed feedback of the new HD Rumble.

Let us now from emmm controller excuse by joy-with the actual console itself, as I mentioned a moment ago will be used both in MODE TV Switch attached to the Dock On TV.

In TABLETOP mode with switches supported on a surface with the appropriate support positioned on the rear of the console and to the true and proper mode with the two with joy-connected to the console sides and everything is in your hand.

continuing portability, Nintendo said that the battery life will vary greatly from game to game, starting from a minimum of 2 hours, up to a maximum of 6 hours, for example playing Zelda, one of the most anticipated titles coming to the launch of console, we will have a range of about 3 hours.

The games will be sold on special cartridges, or can be downloaded from nintendo e-shop in digital form, that I'll never use, because the internal memory starts from 32gigabite of which part will be used by the system, the memory can be expanded through the use microSDHC cards of course be bought separately.

now I just want to see how weigh games.

Returning to the multiplayer you can connect to the Routing multiple switches through Wifi to another type of multiplayer locally, each on its screen, just to understand, great for games to games like call of duty where part of the dancer eye you look the opponent's screen to find out its location eh.

another friendship ended in tragedy, in the end you can also play multiplayer online, about online, the switch will have a paid service which will be definitive at the end of 2017, up to that point will be free.

a voice chat system will be available and an app for the mobile devices that precisely allow voice chat, the management of friends, invitations and whatever.

A limited and free version of the app will be available from next summer, the online service will also offer the ability to download and play for free for one month a NES game and a game SuperNes plus a series of special offers for subscribers.

I must say, it is a fear console! This definitely will buy so you can play all those pearls that only Nintendo can do, obviously do not see it as the only console, In the sense that multiplatform games could choose I would play them on one or ps4 xboxone, and you? What do you think? The will buy at launch? Later? Or not at all coprerete? If You will buy the there was a particular game that has impressed you and motivated to buy this console? As usual if the video you liked leave a like, we'll see you at the next video! Hello guys!.