NEW Tomb Raider LEAKED? Possible DELAY for Next Mass Effect & Super Mario Run on UNITY?

What is going on you wonderful thought havingpeople, you? Going to be doing something a little bit differenttoday, where I round up some of yesterday’s and today’s biggest gaming news.

If you guys enjoy, I’ll keep it up.

So, without further ado, let’s get intotoday’s first story.

It looks like we have a name for the nextLara Croft Tomb Raider game.

As you can see, or not, by the blurry photosnapped on a presumably moving subway, a laptop was left open revealing the next game in theseries to an eagle-eyed redditor.

Going by this picture, the name of it seemsto be Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which seems to give a mysterious bend to the games giventhat it has “shadow” in its title.

The name has been verified by Kotaku, butas we all know, projects in development can always have a title change.

The most interesting thing about this storyis that this game is not being developed by Crystal Dynamics.

Instead, Eidos Montreal has taken the helmof this one.

You may know them for the underrated DeusEx series or that Thief reboot that came out a few years ago.

(Ughh) Sorry, bad taste in my mouth.

But, as Eurogamer has noted, Crystal Dynamicsare also working on another Tomb Raider game, but it will likely come out after this one.

Most journalists are speculating that thesetwo games are being developed so that Crystal Dynamics will have more time to polish theirnext game, while the Eidos Montreal one will likely run very similar to the previous game,Rise of the Tomb Raider.

It’s a similar situation to the Arkham Originsand Arkham Knight approach Warner Bros.

took to allow Rocksteady more time to work on ArkhamKnight while simultaneously satisfying fans with another game in the meantime.

Next up is Mass Effect Andromeda.

The time period for the game was recentlyteased in a trailer revealed by EA to drum up hype for N7 day, better known as November7th, which is just five days away now.

The trailer dropped the hint that it wouldbe set 600 years after the events of Mass Effect 3 so things will likely be very differentas far as alliances and treaties go.

A lot can change in that amount of time andthis game will probably prove that fact.

The real reason everyone is talking aboutthis is because EA Games CFO Blake Jorgenson, said this: “Right now, Mass Effect is trackingextremely well.

The game looks beautiful.

And we're really pleased with its progress.

However, as you've seen, we are willing tomake moves in launch dates if we feel it's necessary to deliver the right player experience.

” It kind of sounds like he’s hinting at adelay, right? I mean, he sugar-coated it as best as possible,but it sounds like that is certainly what he’s hinting at.

Right now, it looks like Mass Effect Andromedawill release sometime in March 2017 because of that art book leak a while back, but withthat statement, no one can be sure.

Jorgenson also mentioned that if they haveto extend the release three to five months, then they will do that to ensure quality,so expect to see a delay announced at the N7 day celebrations.

And finally, some good news for indie-developersout there, Super Mario Run is being developed on the Unity engine.

I’ll get back to why this is a good thingfor indie-devs in a second, but yesterday at the Unity Unite event, it was announcedthat Nintendo’s first mobile game, besides Pokemon GO I guess, will be running on theirengine while simultaneously officially raising the veil on Nintendo and Unity’s partnership.

Unity was on Nintendo’s list of third partysupport back when they revealed the Switch, but we had heard nothing from Unity themselvesuntil now.

But, back to why this good for small developersout there.

Because Nintendo has officially partneredwith Unity, then we will likely see more indie-titles on the Nintendo platforms.

Some people hate the Unity engine becauseI think we see a lot of amateur games developed there, but if Nintendo is using it there hasto be some value in it.

The cool thing is, now anyone can downloadthe engine Nintendo is using to make Super Mario Run.

We are living in the future, ladies and gentleman,and don’t you forget it.

So, what did you think about the new TombRaider title AND its new developers? And what about the new Mass Effect’s possibilityof being delayed? It really did seem like it, didn’t it? And finally, what about Nintendo using Unity? I know some people hate that engine, so I’minterested to hear what everyone thinks about this.

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