MADRIZ, I BlackPanther Film Festival (Entrevista Manuel Colinas)

I'm honestly very happy.

It is clear, it has been a pleasure.

It is a very important situation, that of film festivals deaf people in Spain.

I'm not only happy for the short "Madriz".

But because I see the dull film industry going forward.

As the example of keeping organizing festivals, without letting them into oblivion.

I congratulate the organizing committee I BlackPanther Granada Film Festival.

In conclusion, I am satisfied.

In addition, the interesting challenge is used for the first time materials.

In BluRay or DCP format, which are essential to.

A maximum film quality, so to speak.

Whereupon, it gives me a curiosity.

We see, in general very happy.

Not really.

Not that motivates me to continue,.

But because I have almost 10 years making movies, and I still do.

Such situations, personally, do not motivate me as much,.

Since I love producing films.

I can answer in several ways.

For example, in the short film presented, "Madriz".

The team is 4 people, which are fixed and professionals.

In other projects we tend to be more people, including those 4 permanent staff.

I'm interested in a lot working with people with training film, because you can work and collaborate more easily, especially in communication.

Also with people without training, but with real passion to the movies.

Have passion, it is fundamental.

For example, a person trained in film, but without passion, you can hinder us more work.

Otherwise, and more preferable is that a passionate person, without training,.

It takes him to participate, formed practically in the process of shooting.

I find it interesting that last.

Now on we will have, in different numbers depending on each project,.

Professionals and film enthusiasts working together.

The maximum would be roughly about 20 people, no more, and at least about 10.

My target for the public is, as you know,.

In the genre of science fiction often they predominate frames associated with fear,.

Paranoia, pessimism, tragedy, drama.

Not only these but also action, with laser shots for example.

Then there are suspicion and fear of the unknown, a stranger in the future or in the distant past world.

That depends on how stories are constructed.

Those mentioned elements are included in short "Madriz".

The audience will feel it frustrating to know what is happening.

It's like a short thriller genre, whose final reveals everything.

There you / as.

It depends, as you know I'm on two roads.

In the first, as editor, camera, producer or writer,.

I will continue working with the same team, or with new people.

In the other, as a director, with own authorship.

Hence the truth that I have many ideas in mind, but I'm slowly.

Well, I ratted a hint of what may be my next short.

The motto is "conflict and clash of cultures between a hearing person.

And a deaf person.

" I will not say more.

Prize? I do not think about that.

The fact of having produced a short film for me is a prize.

Having a product by hand and is a prize in itself.

I have them there with love and good memories, which are as prizes.

I do not care about winning or not winning any prize at a festival, I enjoy participating.

Before the event of October 15, my feeling is,.

After seeing the posters of other participants.

And remembering the short films of about 8 years ago.

as short debutantes each / as, I see a great comparison.

Ie that has developed greatly in terms of quality, which will improve with time.

I feel very motivated and very curious to see all new shorts.

Eager to see them all.

I am sure that most good quality leads.

I wish you luck, comrades of deaf cinema.

Will we be there in Granada?.

Source: Youtube