Love .Inc – Film 48HFP Bruxelles 2016

Stop it ! Ladies, gentleman, quiet pleaseThe show is about to start Hello, Mister.

? Dewaere Please, make yourself comfortable What’s the matter ?Right, basically When I’m in the street and I see these people.

Ahhh ! It’s great, isn’t it ? Love ! No but.

I don’t know, I just feel like I’m not like.

Listen, Mr Dewear, I think your problem is understandable If you were a physical place, what would you be ? A square ? A restaurant ? A theater’s stage ?Maybe more of.

a park Good… Say you meet a man who’s wearing the same T-shirt as you Do you get angry, and then you understand him ? Or do you understand him, and then get angry ? Or even! Do you already start to like this man, because he is like you.

? Umm, none of those situations really describe me, to be honest Jan, you’re quite obviously a very sensitive person But if you want to get anywhere, you have to put yourself out there.

Right ? Yes, you’re right.

That must be what I’m unable to do.

Last question Jan.

Have you ever considered surgery ? But.

I’m not sick Well then… If you’re not sick, I can’t help you ! Nope, not happeningWhy ? Road worksOk Sorry, do you have the time ? Yep, half six Perfect time for us to go get a drink ! Hmm no, I mean, uhh.

I’m sorry I’m really not in the mood Come on, please ! Marguerite, you’re fired Juliette, catch him at the park entrance You care about this job, right Juliette ? Hey ! Not even a «Sorry» !?Uh, sorry miss.

Juliette ! I’ve had a tough day.

Do you want to get a waffle ? So, uh, what do you do in life ? He works in a print shop.

Tell him you writeI’m a writer! I write short stories for adults.

For children! With, uhh.



Well this is gonna take some work.

Talk about theater What do you do on saturdays ? Because I just love going to the theater, uhmmm.

Molière ! Shakesp.

! Forget it, he doesn’t go there anymore.


Sport ! Tell him about sports.

About tennis ! I love coming here to play tennis ! Oh yeah, I use to play Tough nut to crack.

Keep going You know, when I write my books, because I write books.

for children I love to print them in A4 format.

I just think the proportions are.

just superb What do you think ? Oh yeah, I’m a printer Oh, how surprising !Yep ! You think so too ?Yes, definitely Try a couple of jokes ! You know, I feel like I’m getting hot off your press !! So you print ? None of that is working.

You aren’t paid for nothing, Juliette ! Get your act together.

Prepare for the grand finale Jan, I have to tell you something.

We haven’t know each other long but I’ve got a really good feeling about us Uhh, I guess ? Look ! It’s my heart’s lock.

I’m still looking for the person whose key can open it Our love is so true that I’m sure you have it somewhere Uhh no, I don’t think so Did you look ? Everywhere ? In your pocket ? Yes, I’m pretty sure Look ! Wow I knew it.

This is the right key, I’m sure No, I’m sorry Juliette, but.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this.

This isn’t me Well you’re not going to last long.

OK, fine ! Fire me ! Jan, this is all fake You gonna put that back on tracks right away Our encounter, the one you had just before, it’s all set up, choreographed.

That couple is fake That juggle is fake, that waffle guy is fake You’re so incompetent Nowadays most encounters are artificial People flick through personal ads People pick and choose.

Who the fuck hired this loser? It’s all mecanical.

That’s just how life is now.

That’s just how life is.