Little Men | Lotterywest Festival Films | PIAF 2017

– Hi Mrs.


Brian Jardine.

We’ve met.

– Of course.

I’m so sad for what has happened.

I’m sorry.

– Thank you.

– I’m so sorry.

– It’s my grandfather’s funeral.

– Sorry for your loss.

– Oh that’s okay.

– You’re the grandson! So how are you enjoying Brooklyn so far? – I like it a lot! We have much more space, it’s great.

It’s a lot more peaceful than Manhattan.

– You know you're gonna like this neighbourhood.

It’s become a very bohemian area.

– Did you draw this? Wow Jake.

It’s actually getting good.

– I can’t tell you how happy I am that Jakehas a new friend.

You have a great kid there, but I guess youknow that.

– My parents are married, they just don't live together.

– I don’t understand.

– [laughs] Me neither.

– Your dad any good at acting? – He’s not that successful or anything.

– Maybe he’ll give me a couple of pointers,‘cause I want to be an actor when I grow up.

– The genesis of acting is seeing – understanding -what makes behaviour.

– I did it again! – I did it again! – You did it again! – You did it again! – You did it! – You! – You! – You! – You! – You! – You! – You did it! – You did it! – You did it! – I didn’t do it! – Get out of my face! – Get out of my face! – Get out of my face! – Get out of my face! – GET OUT OF MY FACE! – Brian hasn’t made me money in years.

– That’s not my problem.

– We need the shop to cover its rent.

– Our parents are involved in a business matter.

It’s getting ugly so they’re taking itout on us.

– Tony you need to go home now.

– One of the hardest things to realise whenyou’re a child is that your parents are people too, you understand that? They care about things, they make mistakes,they try to do what they think is the right thing to do.

Does any of what I’m saying make any senseto you.

Say something Jake.

Say something! – Gee, thanks dad, that’s a very encouragingstory.