How to STOP & Go Backwards in Super Mario Run (Tips Guide)

Like time, Mario only marches forward in SuperMario Run, so if you pass up a collectible coin or ? Block that you want to it, well,you’re plumber out of luck.

Yeah you heard that right.

But what if I told you that doesn’t haveto be the case? Because as it turns out, there’s not onlya way to make Mario come to a stop on command–but there’s even a way to backtrack as far asyou want! Okay, so if you want to bring Mario to a screechinghalt, just slide your finger left as you jump! And if you keep doing it, you can effectivelystand in place! Handy! But what if you need to backtrack for somethingyou missed–say if you passed up a coin or something.

All you have to do is tap the bubble iconin the top-left corner of the screen to have Mario bubble-up and begin backtracking throughthe level.

Once you’ve traveled as far back as youwant, just tap again to escape.

But remember, you only a limited supply ofbubbles, so be careful! And there you have it! Trust me when I say these tips–especiallythe bubble one, come in extremely handy when trying to 100% these levels.

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