How to make a carved ghost shaped brownie – Halloween Baking Championship – challenge 2

Welcome to Ashlee Marie.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first episode of Halloween Baking Championship.

It was so fun to film! We were all given Tarot cards.

I was given the Ghost.

Then, we had to recreate it in some kind of dessert.

So, I recreated my card by baking this brownie.

Chocolate brownie with peanut butter frosting ghost, then with fondant decorations For the base of this dessert, I'm using my Perfect Chocolate Brownie recipe.

So, it's a little bit salty.

I really love this dessert.

To begin with, we need to melt the chocolate and the butter together.

If you have a double boiler, use that.

I don't, so I kind of make my own ghetto version of a double boiler.

Which is a pan of water, and I've turned this on.

We're going to get that water to boil.

Then, you put a metal bowl over that.

Now, you want to make sure your bowl base isn't touching the water.

If the boiling water is actually touching the bowl, that's going to cause some problems.

So, you want to make sure there's a nice space.

Use a shallow bowl, not one that's super deep and down inside.

So, we have three different kinds of chocolate between dark and unsweetened and bittersweet, and the butter.

And, we're going to let that melt.

In the meantime, we're going to take our flour and add some baking powder, and some cocoa, and now we want to add the salt.

Now, the salt that I'm using is this fleur de sel.

We want to measure out the amount that you're going to use.

And, you can see that it has some really big chunks in there.

For the most part, a lot of that is going to be okay.

But, just to make sure that somebody- I'm not saying who- doesn't bite into it and either get no salt at all, or get too much salt, you kind of just want to lightly crush this.

Just use the back of a spoon and just kind of break some of that up.

That will help a lot.

And, the other trick to getting something like this really well incorporated is instead of just pouring it in, if you pour it in from up high and taller, you'll actually break it up as it falls down.

So, not only does it look way cooler to sprinkle from up high like this, but there's actually also a purpose for it.

Now, we're going to whisk that together.

And set that aside as well.

So now, we have our dry ingredients set aside, we have our chocolate melting, and now it's time to come over here and make the rest of the base.

I have eggs in here already.

And, I'm going to add sugar, white sugar and brown sugar, lightly packed, and some vanilla, and turn that on.

Our chocolate is all melted and cooled slightly.

So, we're going to add it to this batter now.

Put it on low.

And now, we're going to start adding the flour just a little bit at a time.

And this is kind of a thick batter.

So, you're going to have to spread it out once you get it in the pan.

Our brownies are cooled and it's time to carve them.

This is the Tarot card Ghost that I was given.

So, what I did is I took some parchment paper and I scaled it up.

I took the pan I'm going to put them on and made sure it would fit in there.

And also, of course, made sure it actually fit the brownies that I was cutting.

And then, just sketched something rough.

So, I'm going to pull the brownies out.

Template's laid down.

I'm going to mark the important stuff, like the top first.

And then, as you go down the side, because it's a nice straight line, you can actually get it much further apart.

And then, anything that's important like this curve on the side, make sure you do a couple more notches.

Now, as I pull that away, you can see all the dots that are there.

So, I'm going to start by just cutting off the larger areas, because I can get detailed later.

Let's get started on some peanut butter frosting! Peanut butter pairs really well with chocolate, and it's going to give us the structure that we need to build up the shape of the body and the draping before I put the fondant on.

So, peanut butter, butter, and some whipping cream.


So, we've got this nice, soft, buttery peanut butter.

And now, it's time to turn it into frosting by adding sugar.

So, we're going to add some powdered sugar.

I add a couple cups at a time and then just see how it goes from there.

I have just this flat- I don't even know what to call this kind of tip.

It's like one of those big huge frosting tips, except little, miniature, and it's going to help us get the details.

First, I'm just going to do one layer of everything.

And, the great thing about this tip is that it has these teeth that kind of help grip whatever you're putting it down on.

So, I don't have to worry about it getting peeled off.

If you imagine, a drape on a body and how it covers, it's not going to be as forward here as it is over your arms.

So, setting where all the drape lines go, we're definitely going to want to build up the head and the body and leave these sides a little bit thinner.


So, I've tried to build up distinct layers using the frosting.

And now, we're going to roll out some fondant and lay it over the top.

Now, you can hand roll out everything that you do.

But, especially when you're trying to go really thin, that can be difficult.

So, I'm using my pasta roller.

It's one of my favorite things to use when I'm trying to get thin and detailed fondant strips.

To start with, you need it to be thin enough to go through the machine.

And then, you don't want it to be tacky or sticky at all.

You're going to take a mixture of corn starch and powdered sugar and powder it down.

Now, using a pasta roller, you either need two people- somebody to crank it and then somebody to feed it through and pull it out- or, you need a motor.

I just got this.

It was my birthday present to myself.

It is awesome! Anyway.

So, this is just the 0 setting.

And, you can see it's actually pretty thin.

Now, we're going to take our stencil and our toothpick, and I'm actually not going to poke holes through this time.

I'm just going to use it and just put pressure around it.

Remember, you don't need to include the legs in this one.

You can see that created just a little bit of an indent in there.

Grab your small sharp knife.

And, because we're working with fondant that's still soft, you can kind of stretch it where you need to as you're working.

I think I want it a little bit thicker up here.

I need a little bit more over on this side.

Notice how I'm not pressing it down yet.

I don't want it to adhere itself to that frosting until I feel like I have it in the place that I want it.

Just make sure if you get any frosting in your fingernails, you clean it up before we move on.

So, I'm happy now and I'm going to start pressing him down into shape.

Around the long face, around the shoulder and down the arms.

giving my ghost those wrinkles from the body and the draping.

Notice I'm bringing my hands from the top down so I can create more realistic looking drapery.

Some fondant that you've colored into flesh tones of some kind.

And, you want to make a tube.

Cut this tube in half.

This is about the right size.

So, I'm going to take one side of this tube and start turning it into the foot.

So, to get the foot shape, we at one point need to turn it.

Now it's turned.

Rotate it between your fingers just to think it out, making sure you don't lose, of course, that nice foot.

Looks a little bit better.

Now, we're going to bring this foot out, widen it and flatten it.

That's where our toes are going to be.

Let's bring in the heel a little bit and create kind of the ankle bone right here that's sticking out.

Just kind of roll into it.

Soften around, leaving the ankle bone there.

This is going to be our left foot.

Over here, on this side, we need to create an arch.

A great way to start with toes is to actually break the foot into thirds.

And then, this one right here is going to be out big toe.

And then, we're going to separate these last two even more, and those are going to become our other toes.

Now, on the underside of this, we're going to do a little indent underneath these toes.

And, we're going to draw little nails, little indents for our toenails.

This is some vodka.

You can use clear vanilla or almond extract, anything that has enough alcohol content in it.

Because, what we want to do- Oh, won't use that brush.

What we want to do is brush it onto our legs where leg hair would be.

Because, what alcohol does is it actually eats away a little bit of the fondant.

And then, it makes it tacky.

It's nice and tacky now.

Roll it in these chocolate- When you're painting on a cake, especially black onto white, you want to keep a scratch piece right here you can practice lines on before you put them on your cake.

Like, are you getting them thin enough? Do you need to get them thinner? I hope you guys enjoyed watching me recreate this Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter Frosting Tarot Card from the Food Network Halloween Baking Championship: Episode 1.

Don't forget to tune in next week, the 12th, for Episode 2.

And, I'll come back here and I'll be recreating what I made on that episode.

As well, I'm just glad I made it through Episode 1.

So, let's give this brownie a try.

Remembering to crush that salt made a difference.

I'm getting that hint of saltiness throughout, without it being overpowering.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Let me know if you try the recipe.

And, leave me a comment if there's anything else you want to see.

Thanks for watching.