Give Nintendo Switch a chance

Let's talk about the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo's had a rough couple of years to say the least, with the Wii U sales doing poorlyin comparison to the other home consoles, including its own handheld, the 3DS.

And PS4 being said to hit 50 million units and the Xbox One dominatingthe latter half of 2016, probably selling around 30 plus million units as of January 2017 in total.

It's hard to look at a console that's only sold 13 million units and has had over a year head start on the competition.


Why would you want to put faithin the company on their next venture? And, with the Wii U ending production in the West, it's over for the little console that could but.

couldn't, unfortunately.

Nintendo was high on the success of the original Wii.

Which, when you sell overa hundred million units on a system that boastsa library of over 1,600 games? You might feel like you're invincible.

Which, trust me, Sony and Microsoft were no strangers to feeling indestructible.

"The Playstation 3 will be availableat retail, 499 US dollars.

" "Television.




Xbox is about to become the next water cooler.

" So, Microsoft and Sony are not above reproach here.

But, they learned from their mistakes and corrected the course they were going on.

But the hate on Nintendo has been long-standing for years now.

Even as successful as the Wii was, most of the games we were getting were justbad ports of really good games we already liked.

But Nintendo has been showing signs of growth over the past year, finally dipping their toes into mobile games, which, there's more to come in the future; the first of them being Super Mario Run.

Pokémon Go and Pokémon in general isn't a Nintendo property, which is why I don't count it as the first.

They do hold a stake in the Pokémon company, however, of around 33%, if that means much you.

And Miitomo is more of a social networking app than anything, but let's move on.

When rumors of the Nintendo Switch started circulating (when it was still known as the NX), people seemed more positive than negative of the idea of having a console that was also a handheld.

The 3DS is on its way out the door any time now, depending on your support of the Switch.

Which, brings me to my point in this whole video.

The presentation for the Switch was exactly Nintendo in every way possible.

It felt like old Nintendo, that 'very disconnected from its consumers' Nintendo, but they're presenting a very promising and frankly, fucking awesome new system to play games on: The Nintendo Switch.

The launch lineup so far isn't that huge, with as little as a dozen games(as of January 2017) announced to launch on the system day one.

But they have the tentpole titlewe've all been wanting for years that is going to launch on it: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

But, is it enough? Maybe.

That, I can't answer for certain.

And you may ask, "Well, it's coming tothe Wii U, so why get a Switch?" Short answer is because theWii U is dead and nobody wants it, and Nintendo knows that.

At this point in the game, they're fulfilling a promise to release it on the Wii U to those who have supported it, but don't expect another major exclusive or any to come at all on the Wii U anymore after this point.

This is very much like the Twilight Princess scenario, where it had a limited release on GameCube, making it impossible to find because Nintendo wanted you to buy the Wii version of it.

The only problem was, you couldn't get a Wii because they are known for creating artificial scarcity, which creates artificial demand to push their units, whether it's the Amiibos orthe NES Classic, for example.

Nintendo has a real chance with the Switch though.

And while we have yet to see aMass Effect: Andromeda or something of that caliber from a third party,unless you count Skyrim in the fall.

It's not going to see that kind of support unless YOU buy it.

And for $299, that's not a bad price at all for the system.

In fact, that's great! Considering the PS4 launched at $399 and the Xbox One at $500, it's actually a great deal.

If your concern is power, I can assure you that any game that we play on our systems today could run on last generation if they just dumbed it down a little, to some degree.

But if you want the 'best of the best' visuals and features, then maybe you should look into PC gaming instead.

Because power is not a problemto a developer if the system is selling and the consumer supports it;they'll make it work somehow.

And visually, the games do look great on it.

Power-wise, it falls somewhere between last gen and current gen, which, for a type of system like that? It's incredible that we can have that kind of power in our hands now.

My closing thoughts on thisisn't to try and tell you that you should buy a Nintendo Switchif you don't want one.

Because if you don't, that's your prerogative.

But, if you like it and you want it,put your money where your mouth is and support it, and it will pay offfor you and everybody else who does because developers will see that and then they will want toput their games on the system.

They will want to build for that system, create unique experiences for that system.

And if it's something out of your price range right now, you just can't afford it in general right now? Save up for the holidays, because there will be great bundles,I'm sure, that'll have awesome games with it, and maybe even knock 50 bucks off of it for sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Remember, all I'm offering you is the truth, nothing more.

But, thanks for watching.

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And I will see you in the next video.