DIFF 2016 – Five Boys and a Wheel

For crap's sake, Mr.

Sameh, please let me finish.

I swear I won't do it again Behave! I'm not your buddy.

Stop preaching! Go deal with your son.

He's playing Rambo outside.

Salim! Salim! Dad, this boy was always making fun of you.

I couldn't take it anymore.

Do you want the boys to call me a wuss? What if this boy pulled out a knife and killed you! That's just stupid, dad.

Wa'el took the bike from Bashar.

Then he and your son took the wheel apart and rolled it down a hill.

But the problem is that no one knows where the rest of the bike is.

So, where's the bike?- I don't know.

It won't go well for you if you're lying to me.