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A you did not know Mario Bros is inspired the cartoon Popeye the Sailor, And besides, originally 'Jumpman' when it first came out in the game Donkey Kong.

Later would at their own game called Mario Bros and put so no more or less by the owner of the 'pike'.

Mario Totti Segali.

The game was pests cleaning pipes a city but this game we have a relative success also it was very silly, the truth is I was very idiot; Clearly, in that deslumbrábamos us any time bullshit coming out.

In 1985 he came out Super Mario Bros first time and it is considered by most the daddy of all arcade games.

It was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and convertitía in years later in the image company that launched: NINTENDO.

Now, if we talk about Koji Kondo say.

and this 'turkey' who is it? For neither more nor less who created the music game, that mythical music of Mario Bros; remember "Overworld" the most familiar music.

"Underground" which is when he gets by pipes, going underground.

"Underwater" as its name says, are the levels below water and "Fortess" which is when he goes and end time music accelerates.

This music is a conjugation between jazz, latin jazz and waltz accompany the gameplay.

bet You did not know that jazz was what sounded.

According to the Guinness World Record with Tetris and Pokémon, in all its versions Pokemon, Super Mario Bros is the selling game in history with more than 40 million copies sold and after his release 15 December 2016 for iOs devices It is the most downloaded game displacing PókemonGo; this is the latest version of the Mario Bros saga; I present to Super Mario Run! It will not be a very different game the original Super Mario Bros, It is varying only the gameplay but theory is the same 'shit' always: bad Koopa kidnaps Peach.

sorry! His Majesty Princess Peach and Mario and Luigi this time start, it will go to her rescue then eat it.

sorry, sorry! then dining quietly together.

Well, yes.

because such a journey lest you any good.

Super Mario Run is a game of platform dimensions or pseudo 3D 2.

5 What is that shit? Words more words less, is a game in 2D with 3D feeling and is the Nintedo house, obviously.

finally it was decided to remove it to mobile devices At last!! after much waiting we We move into the same theme of game 32 years ago but variations that may or may not like the public.

It was launched on December 15 for iOs devices but it seems which in the future will be for other platforms like Android and consoles, but this is unofficial and is not yet known when will.

Shigeru Miyamoto, do not know if I'm pronouncing well, it is the producer of the game and he said in an interview with Time magazine that exclusivity with Apple's because the two companies, ie Nintendo and Apple share a philosophy very similar.

Well, I passed a little this, iOs in versions: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Version 8 below and in the main languages.

The then you can download but you can only play 3 worlds 4th and 20 seconds.

If you think that you can play for free You're fucked! If you want to play it all You'll have to buy it and pay USD $ 9.

99 in almost all countries of America but WATCH OUT! this price is not standard, in Europe, except in some countries, worth € 9.

99 or nearly USD $ 11, but for example, in Canada a country of America worth almost USD $ 15 and so in some Countries vary a little value but they are only a few.

It's too early to talk about recognition for this game that he was released days ago but what already is, it is that "in a few days" PokemonGo already dethroned being the most downloaded game so far and that is only for iOs.

The truth is that this game is not very difernete the initial, Intentanron maintain the essence which, I think, is a great achievement.

Characters are always the same: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, who is Super Mario World, but they put him here too, Toads honguitos, the ghosts, Goombas, which are these mushrooms cafes It appears there's Koopa turtles, among others, and obviously 'Morton Koopa Bowser', hated and loved at the same time.

SMR has a game guide but some No tricks are getting there.

Here I give a QE I noticed and others I researched.

Well, this is easy: bubbles you get back when you lose I intentionally use them when you pass a special coin or something out there you need to catch, ie, sometimes killing here is not so bad.

Each time you complete a level you will see a bar that is filled under eliminate enemies; when complete and upload them level you'll get more coins when kill.

You can unlock the other characters according to complete some things or some worlds, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, etc.

but some can unlock with coins.

That is key! It can expand you build that village as that you progress and level worlds by means of bridges arc iris, I read this, I still get there.

Something that despairs of this Mario is always He runs to the front, but you can do recede tirándote to walls and you discover hidden places.

The gameplay is relative only thing you should do Mario, is to 'tap', ie, belong to the 'point-and-click' The same Mario skips obstacles and brief precipice but yes, at least I, I manage to not get used very # $% & / %% $% not stop running and that increases the difficulty very much.

Another thing is that in this version is able to stand on the allowing walls to jump back.

Other than that, you have 3 ways juggarlo: the traditional way (world by world) racing online do with others and build your champiñón own village; I give 0.


Too good; I do not know if to have in my mind the 8-bit Mario Bros and move to a high-definition, anyway, for me they are great; I give it 1.


The sound is good, like the idea sounds mentenga Super Mario Bros original and improved.

I do not usually talk but Mario it is not a charlatan, so it is still bearable, I give the maximum score 1.


The history of it.

It is a country Pacific, in the Mushroom Kingdom; the bad Bowser kidnaps the daughter of King Mushroom, Princess Peach, left a plague of monsters and rocks throughout the kingdom and Mario He decides to rescue her.

I love to be exactly the same; 1.


The fact that is for now only for iOs and worth almost USD $ 10 is a drawback for many people; but the fact that still is the most downloaded game so far, it makes me a little 0.

5 lax to qualify.

Finally, although the game is very childlike dyes I loved! Maybe later make a video further specification or GamePlay full; I do not know yet.

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