2012 New York Film

[sentimental piano music] – If our worlddoesn't have sound, it's dead.

It's flat.

Everything that's around us,that tells us where we are in relationshipto the environment we live in is missing.

We're separatedfrom this vital connection.

[cheers and applause] The Yankeeshave been so supportive.

We've called and said, "We'reready to do another mission.

Can we have the stadium?" And they said, "Absolutely.

Yes, you can anytime.

"When you're readyto help people, we want to be part of it.

" – This is her first timewith hearing aids, and she's six.

– I havea seven-year-old daughter.

– But do you notice her doll? – I love that.

– [laughs]The hearing aids.

– So beautiful.

– I want to give you a medal.

– Oh, okay.

– [laughs] – Thanks so much.

– It's really excitingto be in New York.

It's the diversityand the people.

New York's knownas the melting pot.

Everyone hastheir own challenges and their own strugglesin their life, trying to surviveand help their children, and so we're just, you know, happy to be ableto supply the hearing aids.

– Not only did we havethe Yankees, but we had Barbara Bush,President Bush's daughter, who headsthe Global Health Corps.

– Sounds good?- You're a champion.

And we had Chelsea Clinton, and she's been with usbefore on missions.

So we had two president'sdaughters joining with us with their programs.

– I met Bill about a year ago, and, obviously, Bill's passionis pretty contagious.

And it's pretty unbelievableto work with Starkey, because you see withinone minute how someone's life can be completely alteredbecause they can hear.

– It's going to be a great day.

We're here for you, becauseyou give us value in our lives.

[sentimental instrumental music] – We're excited for Colingetting hearing aids.

It's going to be a great impact, because we also have a daughterwho is also hearing impaired.

She also gotStarkey hearing aids, and it made a great impacton her.

– It helped me hear whatother people were telling me.

If I didn't have hearing aids,I wouldn't have good grades.

In all my subjects,I have, like, a 90 average.

I just think of myself as,like, a normal kid.

– There's no price to it.

Starkey's foundationis a godsend.

[sentimental instrumental music] – Put it in like this.

Start it in the canalup there, and then just turn it down so.

It's like turning ona lightbulb.

All of a sudden, all ofthe sounds of life are there.

[splashing] [dinging] – You know, he loves it.

He likes music.

Don't know if he can play it,but he likes it.

[dinging] Unbelievable.

Just a whole new world.

– We were able to takethe children down on the field, let them hear the crackof the bat, the hitting balls.

And, wow, what an experiencefor them to hear those soundsthat they've been missing.

[clapping] – When I hear Kira talk, and now I'm starting to hearColin talk a little more– if he didn't havethe hearing aids, don't knowif that would be happening.

– If I went through it andI think it made my life better, it'll probably makehis life better too.

– Thank Godfor the hearing aids.

It's instrumentalin their lives.

Very grateful to the foundationfor what they've done.