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hey guys it's justin from the IGL podcast and today we're going to recap all the big news from the Nintendo switch conference hey guys welcome back to the eye gel podcast I'm your host Justin and I am without my fine co-host today because we're just doing a little mini pop-up episode to recap all the big news from that Nintendo switch conference that went down this week so releasing on march third 2017 is the brand new nintendo switch it's coming out there was lots of speculation lots of news and uh things in the ether but now we know all the information everything about it so let's recap 6.

2 inch screen you got 32 gigs of internal memory it's going to be released on march third that's in like six weeks guys so there is not a lot of time to save up if you are interested in getting a switch we went over a couple of the games that are gonna be coming out as well you've got some new exclusive service which boxing game arms got a little spring metallic arm boxing we didn't see exactly what the gameplay looks like we're going to be using the brand new nintendo joy con controllers for that with the accelerometers with the IR camera that can even detect if you have shaped in front of it like a there was some party mini games nintendo shows where if you're going to be playing with your friends and they could detect if you're doing rock-paper-scissors that's just like an example of what it can do so who knows what possibilities down the line you've got three to six hours of battery like they're staying in portable mode a portable mode utilizing that 6.

2 inch screen kind of that tablet mode where the jury controllers can attach onto the sides of it but also I think kind of the most cool thing about the entire switch unit is the fact that you can use those two icon controllers for 2-player mode so if I'm on a plane and I want to play with my buddy we can literally just set that switch switch screen up each use one of those controllers and we reach already playing two player mode if we want to play mario kart 8 deluxe which was announced for the switch or super mario odyssey sounds like a brand-new Mary adventure kind of like a 3d continuation of you know Mario 64 a little break from the Super Mario Galaxy level-based up but it's almost like an open world mentality where Mario is coming to our world folks the last time that punjab John Leguizamo and dennis hopper were there it was very highly regarded you go you can go check out the news about that on yourself now Mary was coming to the world they had Mario running around like a city i'm assuming New York City but with new dog city so we don't know where they're going with that but also the big news coming out is that Zelda officially is coming out for the switch on march third Zelda breadth of the wild also coming out for Wii U so given a little bone to those with you fans who are going to make the jump up to the switch however it won't be so bad it's only going to be three hundred dollars including the to join controllers including that tablet screen and also you're going to have 1080 output to your TV any kind of plan at home which is always great as well but in your games on the go that's really the emphasis that's really the big pitch of the Nintendo switch so we're going to see how popular that seems to be so from everyone Hollywood redux I want to thank you guys for checking out this little mini episode if you want to check out our other episodes we have our brand-new season starting next week so make sure you come back or have aj there will Kyle there it won't just be me rambling by myself in a room i promise i'm not really by myself that's a little weird but make sure you go to productive com get our awesome new t-shirts get cool new designs make sure it will be down here if you want to see the link with your eye holes and then type in with your finger finger pod so from everyone at hollywood redux and the ideal pod get thanks for watching we'll see you next time have a great day isn't he adorable you want to see more of this is pretty much what you're going to get but you can follow us here pop off and you can click here for more not more for you or you can get awesome shirt and wear them at all.