[한글CC]닌텐도 스위치 프레젠테이션 Nintendo Switch プレゼンテーション 2017

Hello Kimi island is Nintendo.

Thank you for gathering today.

Thanks also to those who live broadcasting.

Look also switch a Nintendo video was released in October last year thank you.

The main thing was the public dock JoyCon Grip Pro controller.

The switch can also be connected to mobile tv is also possible to share a game.

tv is the game for a new home mounted to diversify the game.

This presentation will introduce the soft and the hard switch Date Price will introduce the service.

Switch March 3rd simultaneous release around the world.

The base price is ¥ 29,980.

The United States is $ 299.


Please check at retailers around Europe Switch online services can be charged to play.

If you use a smart device app, it can be positive or voice chat and play time.

Until then released somehow begins with charge-free.

After the charge will fall.

It will be open for service in the future official website.

Country code, such as one kinds or 3ds wiyu this time is now released.

Nintendo Soft Development Office director.

Nintendo of DNA switch has yieoon far.

The two NES controller Looks can make mobile games Super NES has added a button.

Nintendo 64 has developed a 3d stick packs and vibration Game cube that can handle the additional mobile haetseupnidaman The Beginning proposal to carry your console So I went ahead.

The ds has introduced a touch-screen display.

Motion control is on The above u were able able to play off the tv.

And the switch has completed the Wii collects DNA.

Geoun has pursued a more enjoyable entertainment that you laugh more.

And this new offer arrives on the Nintendo switch 2017.

Nintendo Switch is receiving home-type game.

Play to connect to the tv Remove from Dock halttaeneun switch off the tv.

When you tighten the cone can be set anywhere.

Switch is a home game type that can accommodate freely switch the style of play.

Then the style of play switches.

Watching tv screen mode to play JoyCon.

Stop the table mode the body will tighten the cone.

Looking at the screen, allowing the confrontation of both the game and tv.

Set up a portable mode JoyCon possible outdoors.

Thanks Joey handed over the cone How do you gon fight outside Battery time is only 2.

5 ~ 6.

5 times wrong time, depending on the game.

(In the case of Zelda 3 hours) Play and charge using usb.

The screen is an electrostatic type touch screen.

Online battle will have Wi-Fi access.

This will cost a maximum of 8 local communication.

How about Nintendo are free to switch active in three styles.

The thing is this possible JoyCon.

For the new soft play and we ask the producer to the total.

The total producer Koizumi.

Thank you.

In the game controller's important? What are you even cares I'll explain now.

This is one JoyCon mounted on JoyCon grip.

Halttaeneun on tv this is the basic form.

Let's separate.

This is JoyCon.

JoyCon There are l, r.

The analog stick is attached.

Here yen stick and pressing the Home menu button.

Here yen and the Home button Menu button.

This section is also in conjunction with Beam NFC feature is also Amiga.

Please look at this square button It is a button to capture the game screen.

Najungen You can also capture video.

Sns is possible using the share.

JoyCon, it is also in the acceleration sensor and gyro sensor can also be played with the motion.

If you look at this two buttons that are connected to the main LR button.

You can also configure these buttons because one of the controllers.

Thanks for passing one of two people can be JoyCon up.

We have called it the Kane Oscar Kure.

(Press, divided, plus the word passed) The switch can contain two controllers.

(Of course we've talked to one with two.

) Lie in this way is also possible to play.

It was later introduced JoyCon.

Joey cone still tell you something.

Color JoyCon There are two types of red and blue.

This is JoyCon strap.

In this sense, press the LR button.

When the operation force that is safe.

Articles containing switches the color, but other colors are also available.

JoyCon have a camera to measure the distance form of movement.

For example, it can have a rosary or a crucifix Fa know the obstacles in the street a unique operation This sense of hitting the glass.

Huh The ice is moving in a sense it jeonhaejim JoyCon.

In addition to the one two three, you know, count.

There is water filled in is felt even feel The Director of the tensions with the latest HD expressiveness of vibration.

JoyCon has the Whispering expression to the player with a new sensor and vibration technology.

This is a video game that I want to manipulate the natural world leads to new entertainment.

Who is Difficulty any game that can together will introduce a high game two.

First game that can switch with anyone! Hello producer of one-two switch.

Nintendo also has served as director of the former grand total switch This game is first introduced hd variety of expressive JoyCon such as vibration and unprecedented so far The game using the system.

Video games, but playing the game while watching the screen The game is played while watching the other's eyes do not you, not the screen.

Majuchyeo the eye and Play Is it possible to move when the opponent is enjoying watching paint cognitive eye.

In other words, one-two switches are in communication with people playing the game.

Switch parties or take the place of the meeting and passes to the other party by subtracting the JoyCon erected a screen.

The only place that you can enjoy both the game world with the three bakkyeo.

It is an opportunity for the party or communication places so we have developed a game.

Throw that can anyone born from JoyCon switch is released simultaneously with the switch.

Throw the switch and then with anyone and enjoy a higher game difficulty utilizing the Joy Cone.

Arms producers.

Today we introduce to you the arms.

Arms is a combat sport using both hands far.

The aim of shooting bouts, yet also far less.

Play Joey holding the cone in each hand.

Because detected move your motion if you stretch a punch.

Folded arms punch was kkeok.

The chase an opponent.

If Joey tilt the cone moves.

You will be able to use the dash jump combination.

Because anyone can feel manipulated, but the more practice a combination of techniques can be highly.

I will try the real war is sure that in any way.

The characters that spring and ribbon on top of Arms.

This is a speedy combat sports.

This game is a guard fighting, but also as a guard no other.

Spring came out top special moves.

Arms of appeal, as is seen War.

It is also possible to just two people, not computers like.

You can also switch to Local War and War Online This is expected to be released in spring.

How do you shut Arms is a new game appearance.

To master the operation that requires an in-depth strategic tactics We have a new fighting game.

Then switch! Good morning I am the president of research to study the squid squid trying to change human shape Recently discovered and research on squid We will announce the results.

The first found two years have passed since then, and squid.

Squid in the world seem to have had several changes.

4: Area Dobby had to scramble 4 That this was a random center Battle arena also changed Piston and weapons evolve handeut This state-of-the-art spline Mani Uva Holding in both hands, not only to the ink jet By injecting the ink into the nozzle to move to a high speed dot! It confuses the opponent.

Useful in write doegetneyo bother Collect special weapons and power to thus write on the ground This is all new to handeut change.

Refurbishment of the emergence of new weapons and special weapons The new strategy also getgunyo born by the new stage The study is broken.

I'm busy I'll explain about the operation The controller can also be JoyCon as well as professional tv and mobile mode you can play in Of course, a free gyro sensor operation is possible Super jump, press the button that corresponds to your opponent flies in an instant People do not know the War with the Internet, as well as It is also possible to switch chaenggyeoseo dongryogwa Squid over a critical report from the Research Council.

I forgot that important Toon's play two! (_ _ ) silver It will be released this summer It will also announce later for weapons or stage In-game events is also expected to continue to be held I want to feel the pounding time with people around the world.

Platoon's ~ way!!! (_ _ ) The Still like it's in the information hidden I will deliver as soon as they are discovered Please wait yihurodo information from squid Research How do you shut The platoon's completely new come this summer Other hot climb getneyo Then switch here! Hi, Sorry it looks as red The Super Mario Koizumi producer.

At the same time as the pre-switch also undertake development also developed Super Mario This created a miniature world free Mario running around a big gun Super Mario 63 and Sunshine is after This theme is a journey to the world has ever seen Mario Hits the Mushroom Kingdom adventure and excellent He said that the world has ever seen in the real world to your familiar getgunyo Mario and I were stuck in a cap or something eyeball You here as well.

Here is a hat that yamalro things that you can experience the action that can switch.

The adventures of Mario, so please look forward to the important role hats Making Super Mario 64, only passed since '20 I've been on a long journey together The switch also created a beating heart as the distance traveled the world has ever seen.

A tour of the switch to start and Mario seems to be happy if you Odyssey launch of Super Mario is aiming for this year's Winter Holiday Season Release Date remains much to experience, but can be re-scheduled and a new opportunity First, please wait Thank you I'm going to paradise for you Danghalkka oppressed my heart cares for you A world in which everyone has figured favorite Already it had a little thing called information is not afraid more The thing you just saw Jean celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Atlas Megami Tensei latest But not much was gained and just started developing jusyeot disclose for this show.

Another project is a completely new RPG Square Enix Additional information We can not wait since the world can feel the unique graphics and scale Let's hear story from you to develop software for the Nintendo switch The first is to switch two minutes! The city tax of Nago.

Sega feel the tremendous power of Nintendo I try to join I feel so attracted by the game creators offer a game I tried to become a switch So excited about the unique challenges and also new hardware is revealed, we will create a game that is not them Then switch to two minutes! Todd Howard Suda Venetian Games Studio We are excited to announce the release for Skyrim switch I do not want to miss all that you want and create a story of self I like making a game like that and the world No more need to put in hand.

From now on, anywhere and be the Skyrim Go to him because of his odyssey But what everyone is interested in Venetian Suda The last will be able to work with Nintendo Over the decades that they've done for a video game I knew would reveal Whether tell us how much fun and Innovation Week Nintendo gave me once again The switch nor the spirit of unwavering from the old Nintendo days Yet all have towards the newness We are a part of that and be grateful Then switch to two minutes! I instinctively knowing.

(I hear this powder not understand well; skip) Suda is a glass hopper Then switch to two minutes! On behalf of the development team showing passion for electronic Flats honored in this place I personally also like the dream job Then the eldest son of a fan of the Nintendo platform game hanjeokdo a nickname when you were born to know the game as Luigi So, really excited about today's announcement This year's most popular sports games in the world will be released as a switch Authentic sports games across Nintendo fans and fans of FIFA is the will FIFA has made it anywhere to enjoy the experience to suit varying the switch Wherever possible, you can play the game on the famous team stood pitch with players FIFA can enjoy all of this by a real weapon, along with fine I will deliver a variety of information, news and games this year.

In addition to Skyrim, FIFA makes sense expectations already, if you make any game At this point, trying to end the news that I preach How do you shut you saw as you move by Nintendo to provide development and outsourcing party people Today is haetseupnidaman soft introduction from the development staff have many developers, Nintendo and creative development.

Including Microsoft gave us until now to provide for a hard switch or JoyCon properties Since the introduction during JoyCon color Product configuration of the switch and will tell about the variation Which accompanies the switch body is JoyCon LR JoyCon strap JoyCon grip Switch dock with an HDMI cable And a dedicated AC adapter Businesses are also available as optional controller Package types are gray versions and versions into a neon blue, neon red.

Neither Here are the basic amounts Deuryeotjiman know a lot of information and more details, Please see the Main Switch Since there are several messages from Nintendo in Europe and America Hello, Thank you so quick look from time I haedeurilsu before the switch to the information you really pleased As I tell you this strange attraction We can also entertain hopes of being able to experience something soon It is preparing to switch current experience meeting here Experience in the coming times Frankfurt, Paris, London opened a couple of hours huen I think that you also wondering when you can It is planning a number of events in a few months Please see the official website detailed event dates I think that participate in the event We will meet at the President I will do my connection to New York.

Hello, you're viewing in the United States New York is still the middle of the night because it feels like something starts going, but deuneyo Whisper of the Heart may also sound like something SNS is the shape of the switch topics Tomorrow switch to some people who are so ready to experience If you're not in New York, and also we are ready to make the switch.

This allows more people to experience After six events will be held across six cities in North America, six conference Sunday For details, please check on the website How many of you, I recommend that you arrive early revelations Know why the switch has been acclaimed First, think about how innovative gameplay with multiple angles, I think because it was my There is also a new way to play to raise attention And an amazing JoyCon So far, Nintendo has added an element that has made the whole gameplay innovation compression With attention to the end game is too soft gun This is also a lot of software is developed But I help feeling something lacking? Whisper of the Heart do not even sound The long-awaited title four switches Do you hear this fresh breath of fresh gatgem Legend of Zelda gatsaeng? Where sounding geolkkayo Tomorrow will be held only appeared in the New York event Do you secretly playing Nintendo temple during the presentation boneyo – Miyamoto-kun! -Hello Today is our last meeting I did not How about the new Zelda ever feel It's a good b Zelda Release Date malindeyo all that I try When is that going That's a different person -Hello! – I'm here for you been ?! Development getneyo producer who knows more revelations about the game sinikka Release date is sometime required That I do not know.

Ask millet in shima, Mr.

Chairman, Tokyo So eopneyo choice but to ask in Tokyo Did you know Mr.

Shima Tokyo Kimi? Only it took over an important role As mentioned earlier, it releases the switch 3.

3 Tomorrow 14,15 one yen will experience a time Booking in Japan, I would like to receive from 21 Finally, one more thing.

If you look at haneunge jusyeot I've Thank you for your attention and affection in the world today,.